Mu Mbana


Mû Mbana & Cristobal Montesdeoca

“Whispering is like being water and knowing that a powerful force is
found hidden in subtlety. Simply tune the ear, shake off all that noise
pollution has stunned us; just listen, without trying …
It is the most direct route for all that beauty to get to the soul.
Direct and accurate way.

Mû Mbana is allied with Cristobal Montesdeoca to offer their particular
(re)vision of those songs that have accompanied him throughout his life,
a repertoire with the music and words of some of the most celebrated
of Guinea Bissau, like Jose Carlos Schwarz, Armando Salvaterra, Toni
Osvaldo , Tunu or Aliu Bari as well as elements of own authorship.

Mû’s voice comes as a whisper, like a light breeze at dawn. It is a
choice that goes beyond aesthetic taste, sing from what’s small, go for
what’s subtle, it is an act of courage. Claim a personal way of making
Cristóbal, meanwhile, knows how to accompany this delicate experiment
with splashes of colour from deep listening to a pianist who knows how
to give rise to that voice. It is a personal and unique talent, about
taste and especially about the always attentive and successful.”

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